Alexis Sanchez, AS9

Alexis Sanchez, better known as AS9, the boy wonder or simply "El Dilla," one of the most expensive football players of soccer in Chile, one of the most important players, and most importantly, one of the best ...
Child humble, one of the few who is not tainted with money and fame, and scored his first goal for Barcelona FC, and gave his most important step, an idol. Simply Alexis.

Te quiero ver carajo, Alexis y la concha de tu hermana!!!!

12 comentarios:

  1. I love FC Barcelona! Well, here in Spain soccer is pretty much the center of the universe (just kidding) :P

  2. Vamos Alexisss!

    Contra España tenemos buenas chances, les tengo confianza a éstos cabros.

  3. Not a great soccer fan, however this gentleman seems to be quite a character AND a good player

  4. With all those nicknames he's bound to be a good player! :)

  5. great blog, another one to brush up on my spanish.

  6. Great futbolista, but Barca sucks! HALA MADRID PARA SIEMPRE!